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J. Jones Redux

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The Adventures of J. Jones: Smear (vol. 4)
By: A.G. Fielder
(Createspace/Labyrinth Press, 2013)

"Every giant must fall."

Smearis the sequel to Black Gold (Redux). Last time J. Jones was stuck as a hostage in the Middle East, fighting for his life and hoping for help from the asset-turned-terrorist, Dawud El-Hashem.  He has managed to hurt the credibility of the agency and is left for dead in the Empty Quarter only to wake up in one of the worst prisons on earth, Black Beach Prison in Equatorial Guinea.


Adventures of J. Jones: Black Gold (Redux) 
By: A.G. Fielder 
(Labyrinth Press, 2013, 2nd Ed.)

"The best ally is a conquered enemy."

Special Agent J. Jones is sent to the Middle East to stop the shady antics of an unscrupulous dictator and a corrupt president of a multinational oil company. Immersed in a sea of decadence, Agent Jones is surrounded by exotic women, stunning yachts and expensive cars which all cloak the illicit business transactions of both the dictator and the corrupt oil president who are secretly funding a huge underground arms network. When Agent Jones accidentally stumbles upon a dossier, what he discovers connects the dots between not only the two men but several oligarchies of billionaire businessmen leaving him marked for death. From London to Dubai and Pakistan to Tripoli, Jones is hot on the trail of these undercover terrorists and their network of financiers, corporate figureheads and arms dealers. Trapped in this vicious labyrinth of danger, deceit, greed, power and murder he must use his skill, wit and charm just to stay alive or the next turn may be his last.

The Adventures of J. Jones: Dirty Cash (vol. 1)
By: A.G. Fielder
(Createspace, 2010, 2013)

Newly sworn in special Agent Jeronimo Jones is sent to Baltimore on a mission to intercept a drug heist from the notorious T-Mafia drug cartel headed by the ruthless kingpin Cash Stricker. With death on his heels he's got to get the cash and get out of B-more alive in less than 12 hours.

The Adventures of J. Jones: Cigars and Rum (vol. 2)
By: A.G. Fielder
(Labyrinth Press, 2013, 2nd Ed.)

Special Agent J. Jones is sent to Cigar Country in the Caribbean to infiltrate the illicit activities of a federal agent gone rogue and one of the Dominican Republic’s premier government officials. Immersed in a country where the poor man is king, Jones is surrounded by beautiful women, breathtaking villas and a jet-set, cigars-and-rum lifestyle all of which hides the covert dealings of both the rogue federal agent and the corrupt Dominican official who use murder to cover their tracks. When a U.S. Senator turns up dead, Jones discovers the link between the murder, the rogue federal agent and the government official. Caught up in a labyrinth of deceit, power and murder, Jones relies on his charm alone just to stay alive or he may just find the other end of a .9mm pistol staring back at him. 


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